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Coming to the UK

Doing Business In The UK

The United Kingdom is the most favoured inward investment location in Europe.

The UK attracts around 40 per cent of EU investment from Japan, USA and Asia.

There are many reasons why the UK is so well-placed to do business in the global marketplace and therefore so attractive to overseas companies.

  • Britain has an integrated transport network that provides fast, low-cost delivery throughout Europe.
  • A comprehensive and toll-free motorway and road network that links all industrial centres to air and seaports.
  • Every location in the UK is within 100 miles of a container port.
  • The Channel Tunnel links the UK by road and rail to the rest of Europe, and both Paris and Brussels are just three hours’ journey from London by rail.
  • The UK has a strong science and technology base, with world-class design, research and development disciplines.
  • Many UK universities and scientific institutes are taking part in collaborative research projects with businesses.
  • Britain’s business environment gives every incentive for companies to grow, innovate and compete in a global marketplace.
  • It has the lowest utilities costs in the European Union, and a telecommunications industry that is one of the most advanced in the world.
  • There are tax allowances available for companies setting up in certain areas of the UK.
  • Plus, the UK has the lowest main corporation tax rate of any major industrialised country, and there are no additional local taxes on profits.